What do I get for working at The Cat's Meow?

  • 90% tips during events.  Once we are more established, this will likely increase!
  • Free staff tshirt (a copy each of male and female shirts).  These are similar to the ones in the store, but say "STAFF" on the back and come free on hiring.
  • Free advertising for your shop or services on the website--this will be included on the Contact page.
  • A free kit of dances--available to all staff, not just dancers!

Rules for Staff

  • This club is primarily catering to neko.  Human and even furry avatars are certainly allowed, but neko is preferred.  If you aren't sure that your look is appropriate, get in touch with a manager for advice.
  • While the club is just starting, all tip jars are set to pay 90% to the employee.  If you are paid directly, please pay the tip to the tip jar.  **Strip prices are by what the tip jar displays**
  • Please do not afk dance/host/dj.  If you have to leave for a few minutes, don't mark your status, just hurry back.  If it will be longer, excuse yourself and move away from the dance floor.
  • If you work multiple consecutive events, log out and back into the tip jar in between (this clears the totals).
  • The dance poles are set to group.  Guests should not even be on the stage.  If a guest goes onto the stage, politely request that they move.
  • Only IM guests if they initiate the IM session.
  • No sex with guests on club land.  This region is Mature/Moderate.  If it is requested, this should be all the explanation needed.
  • Spammers--if someone enters group chat or the club with the apparent sole purpose of advertisement, first request that they stop, then notify me with their name and a notecard of the event  I can then eject them from group and/or ban them, if necessary.